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ArkaHardware Door Hinge

Arka Hardware

Aras industrial and fitting manufactoring company began it’s industrial activities in the field of production of wooden door fitting in 1980. including handles, locks and hinges are initiated and relying on Gof Almighty and the technical knowlege.
Our main purpose has always been the customers fall satisfaction bu having true difinition of the terms “Supply” and “Services” and by being developers into a leading adn efficent organization.
Aras industrial and fitting manufactoring co; as the first wooden door hinges producer that having international certification of quality managment ISO 9001:2008 from ISO 9001:2008 from ITCC England, is honored to supply it’s products to dear users 5 years of guarantee (Unconditional).
it is honorable, after years of efforts and innovation in order to produce a partet licence about screw head hinges is honored.
these certifications verify the honestly in our relationship with our customers.


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Fittings Arka is currently offered with the following categories:

Steel Door Hinge

Brass Door Hinge